River Korana

River Korana

River Korana arises as an extension of Plitvice lakes. Canyon of river Korana hides richness of waterfalls, from which the most beautiful ones are situated in its upper flow and especially the waterfalls of river Slunjcica that mouth in the deep canyon of river Korana in Rastoke – Little Plitvice.

During the summer Korana is a paradise for swimmers, reaching temperature of an amazing 28 degrees. The bathing resort in Rastoke under the famous bridge lures You with its sounds and colors while you are watching it from your hot car wishing for refreshment.

For years Korana amuses and relaxes swimmers with its crystal-green water, shades from its trees, assorted bathing resort with concrete and grassy beach, hidden coves, sport contents (jumping platform, volleyball on sand, badminton, soccer, games on water), it is time that you know all her enchantments and stories from the past while its clear and cool water embraces you in hot summer days, enchanters you every relaxing moment while its whisper calls you to come again.