Petrova gora

Petrova gora

In the fresh green beech forests, where numerous streams flow, such as Big and Little Radonja, in the heart of “Petrova gora”(Peter’s mountain), you can find many educational paths, landmarks and lots of other interesting facts that will let you discover a magical world of antiquity and natural beauty.

This area is an ideal destination for a one-day trip, and it is less then 20 minutes away.

What does it offer?

1. Educational path “Roman Road”, in a circular shape with the length of 2600 m, passes through a dense forest of beech, oak and chestnut. Information signs display general topics of the ecology of planets, interesting for all age groups. Suitable for tourists, recreational and organized groups of visitors, especially for elementary and secondary schools.

2. Mountain bypass “Petrova Gora”: the first track (red) takes about 4 hours, the green one, 4.5 h.

3. Tours of historic landmarks of Peter’s mountain, such as the King’s tomb, Pauline Monastery, Monument and Central partisan hospital.